Benefits of a PFH Distance Learning Study Programme

Benefits of a PFH Distance Learning Study Programme

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences was recognised by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture in 1995, which means that it is Lower Saxony’s oldest private, state-recognised university. The incentive for its foundation was the idea of providing fresh impetus in the fields of science and teaching with a purely privately funded university that offers a study programme aligned to the real needs of the economy. In 2007, PFH received institutional accreditation from the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). At the end of 2018, PFH received institutional re-accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities.

The University has since been actively contributing to securing Germany’s position as a science and business location through its intensive training of qualified new managerial blood. The PFH meets these high aspirations through a consistent orientation towards practical experience, through its marked internationality and by developing innovative teaching programmes.

Benefits of a PFH Distance Learning Study Programme

Around 2,850 distance learning students are currently enrolled at our 13 distance learning centres in Germany and Austria. A distance learning study programme from abroad is likewise possible thanks to our collaborative partners throughout the world. We offer individually tailored Bachelor’s, Master’s or MBA qualifications, depending on prior education and objectives. At the same time, the PFH distance-learning study programme is taken in parallel with employment. This enables students to study and work at the same time, thereby securing their livelihood.

Distance learning students acquire additional flexibility by being able to organise their learning workload individually in terms of place and time. They are often already able to use the learned content in their current jobs while still studying. Furthermore, graduates from a PFH distance learning study programme enjoy an excellent reputation with employers, being regarded as determined, industrious, organised and resilient.


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