Dual Business Management Studies (Industry), Bachelor of Science

Dual Business Management Studies Bachelor of Science

Dual Business Management Studies (Industry), Bachelor of Science* Dual business studies programme: study and training in record time. Practical experience and practical relevance are key elements for companies. With us, you combine these components in a special university degree programme. You will receive two degrees in record time: After seven semesters, you will not only …..

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Innovation Design Management, MA

Innovation Design Management MA

Innovation Design Management, MA* In its study from October 2018, the global consulting firm McKinsey, demonstrated that companies who regard design and the employment of creativity as principal drivers in their value-generation outperform industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one. Comprehensive disruption through digitisation, changing marketplaces, and consumer behaviour have created a new professional playing field between creative design, business strategy, and IT development. Innovation-centered …..

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Software Engineering, MSc

Software Engineering MSc

Software Engineering, MSc* Most innovations in the automotive sector have been based on electronics and software.so we are sharing more information about Software Engineering MSc for you. ​Developments such as mobility services, autonomous driving or automated driving, networking, infotainment and e-mobility contribute significantly to the industry. With the number of software-controlled functions in an automatic …..

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Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science

Software Engineering Bachelor of Science

Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science* Students develop solutions and computer programs to activate computer game interaction to build high-quality 2D and 3D games. They will also collaborate on projects with fellow programmers and game artists to create a commercially viable game from concept to live prototype. In this software engineering program, students not only learn about current challenges and …..

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UI/UX Design, BA

UI/UX Design BA

UI/UX Design, BA* As a user experience (UX) designer, your goal is to make interaction with technology more accessible, meaningful and pleasant for human users. Alternatively, as a user interface (UI) designer, you create the systems and artifacts which facilitate this interaction by employing a combination of visual, oral and haptic design solutions. UI/UX designers straddle the …..

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Masters in sports and event management

The master degree programme for a top career in sports and event management. Complementary MBA at Real Madrid Graduate School. Sporting and major events can be quite emotionally affecting. The sports & events sector is booming. Business is international nowadays, and the sports & events industry is no exception. The master’s programme International Sport & …..

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Masters in Corporate management

Entrepreneurial & strategic thinking at expert level Managers have more demanding jobs than ever. The best companies look for talents with a good mix of professional, organizational, and personal qualifications. Our master’s programme in Corporate Management meets these demands, taking you and your skills to the next level. In addition, this master’s programme can easily be …..

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