Career Service of Hochschule Bremen University in Germany

Career Service of Hochschule Bremen University in Germany

Career Service of Hochschule Bremen University in Germany

The range of degree courses at the traditional institution in the heart of Bremen Neustadt – a central city location – is decidedly innovative and practically oriented. The Bremen University of Applied Sciences enjoys a long tradition that goes back to 1799.

Approximately 9 000 students enroll in 66 degree courses in areas such as engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences; about two-thirds are required to complete semesters of study or praxis abroad. Foundational degree courses immediately follow secondary education and offer the initial Bachelor degree while post-graduate opportunities for further study offer the more in-depth and expanded qualification of Master degree.

The structure of study at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences conforms to common international standards (European Credit Transfer System: ECTS) thereby offering attractive opportunities for study: individual components (modules) may be completed abroad. The University enjoys the benefits of cooperative agreements with 365 partners worldwide.
Additionally, innovative academic content that will remain relevant in the future in combination with the worldwide validity of the Bachelor and Master degrees ensures that graduates will enjoy excellent career perspectives – even abroad.

Career Service

12 steps: our new tool for international students!

12 Steps towards your job is a guide for international students seeking employment in Bremen and the region. It offers 12 steps for starting your career right here!

12 Steps can be used as a tool by all international students in Bremen, regardless of whether you are a student of the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen, the University of Bremen or the Jacobs University Bremen.

12 Steps has been supported by several key players in Bremen, the Employment Agency, the BSU, the Chamber of Commerce, the Representation Office of the Trade Unions at the University of Bremen, the “Arbeitskreis Arbeitsmarktperspektiven internationale Studierende aller Hochschulen in Bremen”, and many others. A big thank you to all of them! It would not have been possible to realize this project without them. Do you have to use 12 steps in chronological order? Not necessarily, but do start with No. One which is a prerequisite for everything else. I would like to invite you to read all of them or to pick the ones most interesting!

Have fun with it and all the best for achieving your goals!I would love to get your feedback, is anything missing that you find important? And please share your experiences so that others can benefit as well. Thank you!!

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