Goals and Opportunities of Hochschule Breman City University in Germany

Goals and Opportunities of Hochschule Breman City University in Germany

The world is globalizing and we are in the middle of it! This fact requires a changing profile of management skills. Our MBA course aims to provide the opportunity to junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. We congratulate you for taking the opportunity and the challenge of learning together with people who share the same values although coming from different backgrounds. At the end of your studies you will feel more confident and prepared to face the challenges of a multinational business environment around the globe. The choice you make today will make a difference to your future.


The MBA in Global Management-program aims to provide management skills as well as mind expanding experiences focused on global business. This is an essential need for students interested to pursue their career in either government, international organisations and business enterprises. Thus the course gives students an edge when it comes to leadership excellence.


The MBA in Global Management-program is completed with the Master`s Examination which is taken after two semesters. Students are required to write their Master`s Thesis at the end of the second semester when all modules have been covered in full. The thesis has to be defended in an oral exam. In case a student does an internship after the second semester the oral exam takes place after the third semester. The overall grade incorporates the results obtained from exams during the course and the evaluation of the Master’s Thesis. Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded the degree of “Master of Business Administration.



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