We advice and assist a  few select number of applicants every year. We concentrate on each application personally to help you craft a  unique and compelling  profile. We spent a good number of man hours on each candidate.

  • Comprehensive Package for Medicine in Germany
  • Comprehensive package for TU9 and other top universities in Germany
  • Unique programs in other universities matching the profile of the ccandidate


Review Your Profile:

  • Discuss with you about you and your aspirations
  • Gain deep knowledge about your background and experience
  • Assess your strength and weakness and  make an action plan

Building your Profile

  • Help you identify notable points in  life
  • Advise on diversification of your work profile
  • Help you build your extra -curricular profile
  • Finally build resume to showcase your capabilities
  • We follow the STAR format to build the resume

Application Strategy &  Execution

  • Identify the best fit uuniversity
  • Identify the matching programs
  • Draw up application timelines
  • Advise on the necessary eligibility  parameters
  • Brainstorm on essays and enhance your positioning for a best match
  • Recommender selection and input
  • Interview guidance – based on our unique kknowledgebase