Planning your future Study In Hochschule Breman City University in Germany

Admission Requirements of Hospitality Management (M.A.)

Planning your future Study In Hochschule Breman City University in Germany

The program MBA in International Tourism Management provides students with specific competencies for the tourism business in a practice-oriented and holistic approach. It takes into account that the prosperous tourism sector is recruiting more and more managers with a recognized academic qualification and with high sensitivity towards international and intercultural management needs. The program delivers key competencies required in the tourism business and build on the previous studies of students.

Planning your career

Have you developed a career strategy? Do you know what you are good at, what makes you special? Start with an analysis of your highest skills and qualifications and develop a vision of where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. This will most likely prove to be far more successful than sending out mass applications. Also, you need to match your education, skills and experiences to the particular needs of the potential employer. To decide what you want to do you must understand how your interests will translate into a career reality. Ask for advice, realistically assess your abilities, and get as much information as you can about your field(s) of interest

Check out the links and articles for further ideas. You are also very invited to take part in our career seminars at the IGC.

In general: network, use social media, find a niche. Specialize. Simultaneously build your knowledge base so that potential employers know about you before a position is even available. Be where the action is happening.

You have been invited to a job interview? Congratulations! Now it´s time to prepare the interview ahead of time by studying the following articles:

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career service

Welcome to the career service section! Studying at the IGC will open up new career opportunities for you! We wish you good luck and all the best for taking the next step in your career! Log into our new career portal Career Gate to receive the latest job offers and be the first to register for our workshops! Our send me an email to schedule an individual appointment!If you are an international student seeking employment in the region, our 12 Steps Program can give you more ideas.

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