Post Graduate  admissions in Germany can be for stand alone programs or for combined Masters & PhD. Master program admissions require specific counselling and preparation as the number of applicants from foreign countries are much more; compared to Bachelor programs.

What We do for you

  • We assess your certificates
  • Guide you based on your documents as to what is the right step forward
  • Build your resume well
  • Find out who you are by sitting with you and understanding the ‘you’ in you.
  • Select the best fit courses for you
  • Select the best fit universities
  • Do the application process
  • Guide you till the wrap up stage
  • Provide landing assistance in Germany.

Interview preparation

  •  This is your chance to practice and fine-tune your interviewing skills with a counselor who has successfully navigated the interview process and has interviewed prospective applicants for admission.

 What you get

 School specific interview coaching. Help you  deliver your story to build on a strong application

  • Set of likely questions based on your background.
  • Coaching on structuring a response. STAR methodology to make an impact
  • Tips on being personable and projecting confidence
  • Feedback on body language
  • Mock interviews to simulate the actual experience whenever needed
  • Information on what needs to improve before your big day
  • Post-interview ‘Thank You’ letter tips