Top 5 Recommended Management Courses in Germany

The Top 5 Recommended Management Courses in Germany are the best  for your excellent career. These are few courses that will help you brighten your future. Choose for the Management courses at the Germany. this is your start to a successful career. And this article we will introduce the Top 5 Recommended Management Courses in Germany.

Here is the Top 5 Recommended Management Courses in Germany

1.    Corporate Management Master of Science

With the master’s degree in Corporate Management, you are perfectly prepared for various different leadership positions. Aligned with your individually chosen subjects of focus, you will be able to take on roles in middle to top management at national and internationally active corporations.

You have specialist expertise in the bag and are able to combine academic methods with distinct social competence – an increasingly important requirement for a successful career path as a:

  • Business consultant
  • International sales and marketing manager
  • Senior account manager
  • HR manager, staff developer
  • Senior controller, cash manager or
  • Manager corporate strategy

2.    MBA in European or Asian Management

The MBA in European or Asian Management at the International Graduate Center upskills top talents for a successful career in international management. The program specifically aims at engineers, but is generally suited to people with a non-business related first degree, followed by at least one year of professional work experience. Courses in general management forms the basis for the specialized courses with focus on Europe or Asia*. In addition to the geographical specialization, students can choose from a number of topical specialization. The Asia specialization will be offered from a minimum number of 8 enrolled participants for this specialization.

Your benefits

  • Interdisciplinary management studies
  • Very practice-oriented program
  • Program in English
  • European Study Tour
  • Close contact to the industry
  • Learn from the best (88% of our lecturers have a PhD and 40% of our core module lecturers come from the industry)
  • German language course (optional)
  • International student assistance team on campus

3.    Master IT Management In Germany.

Information is a key asset in today’s economy. Recognizing its value for an organization, taking advantage of its potential and harnessing its technologies lies in the authority of IT Management. As IT Manager you will develop strategies to utilize data, information and knowledge of your organization in order to achieve and develop strategic objectives. Working at the interface between leadership and information technology, you will conduct and supervise projects within and between international enterprises, non-governmental, or governmental organizations.

prospects in IT Management?

As IT Manager you have one of the top in-demand positions that industry, public sector and government have to offer. Whether you deal with information management in a department or with data centre management in world-wide operating enterprise, this fascinating role gives you the chance to gain unique insights into almost any domain of international organizations. Business consultancies and IT service provider above all those with international business activities today already prefer to employ graduates from IUBH.

4.    Study Master in Global Management MBA in Germany

The world is globalizing and we are in the middle of it! This fact requires a changing profile of management skills. Our MBA course aims to provide the opportunity to junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. We congratulate you for taking the opportunity and the challenge of learning together with people who share the same values although coming from different backgrounds. At the end of your studies you will feel more confident and prepared to face the challenges of a multinational business environment around the globe. The choice you make today will make a difference to your future.

5.    Msc General Management – Without IELTS

Msc General Management study program in General Management, leading to a Master of Science qualification, is intended for students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Business Sciences. It will qualify you to perform functions with leadership responsibility in companies and organisations as well as to undertake an academic career. It will also enable you to undertake a doctorate.

Your Benefits

  • Study program with job guarantee
  • Master’s qualification in only three semesters
  • Elective options for individual study schedules
  • Up to ten project months in companies, if requested
  • Individual supervision in small learning groups
  • International dual degree possible


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