German Education system is unique. In General  a student gets qualified for a university study after thirteen years of school study. Hence when students from other countries look for admission in German universities, each university has a different strategy in admitting students. We have our experts who know the German system in and out; to guide you properly on the procedures for the universities depending on your background and academics.

Indian students after 12 years of schooling has various options:

  • SAT/ACT tests
  • German Language Study
  • Academics in German Language
  • Academics in English Language
  • One more year of study in India with our guidance
  • Other available options for further study in Germany.

NB: We will also guide students from other countries depending on their country of origin.

 What We do for you

  • We assess your certificates
  • Guide you based on your documents as to what is the right step forward
  • Build your resume well
  • Find out who you are by sitting with you and understanding the ‘you’ in you.
  • Select the best fit courses for you
  • Select the best fit universities
  • Do the application process
  • Guide you till the wrap up stage
  • Provide landing assistance in Germany.