UX/UI Design, BA

UX/UI Design, BA

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is one of the most popular fields in today’s creative industries. As a result of talented designers and researchers, UX/UI-design technology, data and services are becoming more accessible and more enjoyable than ever. Since many products are similar, the key to achieving success in UX and UI design is to focus on users and their experience. How a user interacts with an application, service or product makes a huge difference.

The interdisciplinary programme in UX/UI offers students an understanding of topics including user experience, visual interface design functionality, techniques and services. The course focuses on the complex field of emotional interaction between humans, technical devices and interfaces. Become part of our fascinating broad UX/UI approach and help shape the digital future.

Starting semesters

Winter semester: September · Summer semester: March

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Standard: € 708 monthly Save additional €70 each month with our 10% IT contribution. (T&C's apply) Please find out more about our fees, discounts and how you can fund your studies.

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Standard: € 12,100 yearly Benefit from our loyalty discount and save € 6,050 on the full tuition fee. Please find out more about our fees, discounts and how you can fund your studies.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Internship semester / semester abroad

5th semester

Language of instruction

English (UE Innovation Hub) German (Hamburg)


180 ECTS (6 semesters)


· Individual development · Small learning groups · Creative freedom


UE Innovation Hub (English) Hamburg (German)

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