Why Bremen in Germany is The Ideal City for International Students

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Why Bremen in Germany is The Ideal City for International Students

A bustling, vibrant city where futuristic innovation meets old school charm, Bremen, in northwest Germany, is an increasingly popular choice amongst international students who wish to study abroad. Want to know more? Read on to find out why Bremen is the right university town for you:

Bremen has a lot of great universities in germany

They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to choosing a university in Bremen, it’s fair to say you’ll be spoilt for choice with a host of great universities to choose from.

Jacobs University is the premier choice for international students wanting to study abroad in Germany, with a highly diverse student population, host family program and state-of-the-art facilities. The university’s academic focus is on subjects around the areas of Mobility, Health and Diversity. With a large number of study programmes specifically tailored to international students, special care and dedication is taken to ensure that time spent studying at Jacobs University is as productive and fulfilling as possible.

Jacobs is a private university with a residential campus; that means they offers on-site accommodation to their students. These facilities are on a full-board basis and come with 24-hour security. The annual tuition fee for their Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes is 20,000 euros, and room and board for the academic year are set at 6,000 euros, but optional for Master’s degree students. As the number one choice for international students in Bremen, Jacobs University enjoys an excellent reputation with employers in the region and in Europe, ensuring that a degree from Jacobs will set you on course for a successful future ahead.

Another great option for international students who wish to study abroad is the University of Bremen, which offers a range of English-language courses to international students. These courses include European Law, Communication and Information Technology and Ecology. The University of Bremen specialises in Marine Biology and Space Engineering, both of which are available to international students.

If you are looking for practice-oriented education, then the University of Applied Sciences Bremen could be the right choice for you. Courses on offer at the University of Applied Sciences range from Aerospace Engineering and Architecture to Social Work.The University of the Arts (HfK Bremen) is another option for those students seeking an education in the Fine Arts and Music. It is important to note that almost all courses are taught in German, and so require a strong knowledge of the language before you enrol (usually at level B1 or B2).

Bremen is where modern urban flair meets beautiful old town charm

An enchanting city where future innovation sits right alongside medieval charm, you will find much to see and do during your time as a student in Bremen. Like many European cities, Bremen has an aesthetically pleasing old town, full of quirky buildings, winding paths, and an abundance of cafes and bars.The Marktplatz or market square is a prime example of Bremen’s old town, housing many historical buildings, including its cathedral, which is over one thousand years old. The Marktplatz also plays host to a traditional German Christmas market every year. Here, you can pick up beautiful gifts for your friends and family back home. In addition to being a place of historical significance and festive charm, the Marktplatz is also a great place to grab a coffee and hang out with friends as you watch the world go by.

Bremen offers a high quality of living and affordable rents

Much more affordable than neighbouring Hamburg, Bremen offers a range of budget-friendly accommodation options, including dedicated student housing options from around 300 euros per month. Alternatively, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you can save even more money and rent a place in the suburbs, thanks to excellent public transport links.

Bremen offers a high standard of living to students with excellent food and drink choices and a vibrant nightlife scene. Remember, Thursday night is student night. Bremen is also home to one of Germany’s most popular football teams, Werder Bremen, who you can cheer on from the stands at Weser Stadium, while enjoying a tasty bratwurst. All in all, student life in Bremen is an experience you will not want to miss!


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