German Gateway is an International Education Admissions consulting organisation engaged in helping Indian students gain admission in top to moderate German universities and other International universities.

German GatewayThe founders have real life experience of seeing students approaching branded study abroad institutions for applying to German universities. They apply to 3 or 5 universities for a few programs. The people who advise them have not inside knowledge of German universities nor were they industry experts who could help them chart a career  path for them. The result is that  they get admission rejection from all the universities. Hence, the founding team thought of a new way of approach to make sure that the students apply to the right universities and programs. We found the following problems in the industry:

  • All these study abroad companies focus on getting numbers and handle a more number of applications than what they can focus. There is no individual  attention, no unique strategy for each single student.  It is just mass production of applications and cookie cutter essay editing.
  • Applications are edited by a person whose business context and  English language are far below the actual applicant.
  • This approach was leading candidates to either rejection or endied up in getting admission to universities or programs below their respective profile levels. There was no value addition to the candidate.
  • This approach might have gained admission in a year for a 2-3% of candidates in good universities by luck.
  • In the end the candidates end-up paying their money and time and get dejected.

Hence we decided to have this new approach to make sure that our candidates get into universities which best suit them according to their capability.  We have a unique approach that we have developed  based on the painful experience of candidates whom we have met.