Psychology with focus on Coaching & Counselling

Psychology with focus on Coaching & Counselling You already have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in an in-depth master’s in psychology? Would you like to work in consulting, human resources management or as a self-employed coach?  Our psychology master’s program with a focus on Coaching and Counselling makes this possible for you. The Psychology …..

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MBA Diplomacy

MBA Diplomacy The growth of globalisation requires all modern managers to think critically in order to recognise areas of growth for their organisation. Therefore, growing economic cooperation between nations as well as the increasing influence of the private sector in government policy making represents a special opportunity for organisations to develop new avenues for growth. …..

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MBA Sustainable Water Management

MBA Sustainable Water Management Resource conservation, water supply and use: the importance of water as a free good is growing both in the private and public sector, as well as between political institutions and nations. This demand leads to an increased need for future-oriented solutions that are scientifically based and in line with the current …..

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International Business Management

International Business Management In our Master’s programme International Business Management you will be optimally prepared for a management position at international level. After successful completion, you will not only be qualified for a successful career in management, but will also have the necessary social skills in addition to professional and organisational qualifications. The degree programme …..

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Digital Media & Marketing

Digital Media & Marketing From blockchain to virtual reality to artificial intelligence, media and marketing managers are helping to shape future trends. To ensure our students become visionary leaders in these areas, as well as subjects such as big data, Internet of Things, transnational PR, voice marketing, and programmatic advertising, UE has designed a degree that will provide them with expert knowledge …..

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Dual Business Management Studies (Industry), Bachelor of Science

Dual Business Management Studies Bachelor of Science

Dual Business Management Studies (Industry), Bachelor of Science* Dual business studies programme: study and training in record time. Practical experience and practical relevance are key elements for companies. With us, you combine these components in a special university degree programme. You will receive two degrees in record time: After seven semesters, you will not only …..

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Innovation Design Management, MA

Innovation Design Management MA

Innovation Design Management, MA* In its study from October 2018, the global consulting firm McKinsey, demonstrated that companies who regard design and the employment of creativity as principal drivers in their value-generation outperform industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one. Comprehensive disruption through digitisation, changing marketplaces, and consumer behaviour have created a new professional playing field between creative design, business strategy, and IT development. Innovation-centered …..

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Software Engineering, MSc

Software Engineering MSc

Software Engineering, MSc* Most innovations in the automotive sector have been based on electronics and we are sharing more information about Software Engineering MSc for you. ​Developments such as mobility services, autonomous driving or automated driving, networking, infotainment and e-mobility contribute significantly to the industry. With the number of software-controlled functions in an automatic …..

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Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science

Software Engineering Bachelor of Science

Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science* Students develop solutions and computer programs to activate computer game interaction to build high-quality 2D and 3D games. They will also collaborate on projects with fellow programmers and game artists to create a commercially viable game from concept to live prototype. In this software engineering program, students not only learn about current challenges and …..

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