Study MBA in International Tourism Management ,Germany

Study MBA in International Tourism Management ,Germany

 MBA in International Tourism Management

The MBA program in International Tourism Management is a three semester full-time course leading to a specialist Master of Business Administration (MBA)-degree.program offers resourceful, entrepreneurial, innovative and global networking competence.

This is achieved by qualified teaching staff, an international and diverse student body, a faculty which provides a unique environment for intellectual exchange, joint research combined with academic excellence, practical orientation and an in-company internship. The course provides students with a competitive advantage in securing a career in the tourism industry.

Course Details

The MBA in International Tourism Management has 16 modules, which have to be completed. Students take an exam in 13 out of the 16 modules. Lectures account for about 630 hours (see Modules and Credits). The modules comprise either 30 or 60 hours. Usually one module is completed after two weeks. Classes are held in English. The optional internship can be done in Germany or abroad. The students gain credit points for their examination results according to the ECTS system (see general structure chart).

Course accompanying examinations must be performed alternatively as follows:

  • Supervised written exams
  • Oral exams
  • Seminar papers or presentations

The Master’s Examination consists of:

  • The course accompanying exams
  • Master thesis plus oral defence

Living and studying in another country is both exciting and interesting but at the same time it also means organizational and administrative work. Our international applicants and students do not need to worry about this. The Student Service of the IGC looks after them right from the start and answers all questions with regard to the planned study visit in Bremen beforehand.

Planning your career

Have you developed a career strategy? Do you know what you are good at, what makes you special? Start with an analysis of your highest skills and qualifications and develop a vision of where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. This will most likely prove to be far more successful than sending out mass applications. Also, you need to match your education, skills and experiences to the particular needs of the potential employer. To decide what you want to do you must understand how your interests will translate into a career reality. Ask for advice, realistically assess your abilities, and get as much information as you can about your field(s) of interest

Check out the links and articles for further ideas. You are also very invited to take part in our career seminars at the IGC.

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