Studying and Living Bremen City University in Germany

Study in PFH Private University of Applied Sciences , Germany

Studying and Living Bremen City University in Germany

The journey Bremen went through over the years resembles the roller-coaster ride which takes you up and down and back on your feet again. History played a major part in shaping the city and the vibe a voyager feels when walking around Bremen and taking in all the details engraved in the city walls and buildings, proud of the times they stood tall to. Not only does it enrich a voyagers’ historical knowledge, it also does a lot for the imagination and the visualization required in order to take in every bit of history reflecting in every step you take in the narrow, cobble streets full of details written over time.

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The journey has been long, starting from the medieval times when Bremen was a military and religious center, favorable among the Holy Roman Empire rulers for its geographical position and water surroundings. It has carried out the role of a harbor, fortification, besides being the driving force behind the Christianization of Northern Germany. King Charlemagne brought to Bremen the status of a bishop city, also known as “Rome of the North” where many were converted to Christianity.

Universities in Bremen

University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Founded since 1799, offers over 60 degree programs such as engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences. Over half of the students are required to complete study or internship programs abroad. University of Applied Sciences provides BA and MA degrees. It also has cooperative agreements with 270 partners worldwide.

Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University Bremen is a private independent university and internationally oriented, offering English courses. Its students get prepared for international leadership and global citizenship through the faculties offered in: 22 Bachelor programs, and 19 Master/PhD programs.

International School of Bremen

International School of Bremen is relatively new private co-educational college-preparatory. English-speaking convenient for international students in Bremen.

University of Bremen

University of Bremen is rated among the top ten German Universities, offering 12 efficient study programs. Apart from that, offers outstanding quality of research  from numerous research institutions located on the university campus.

University of the Arts Bremen

Excellent environment for creative young people to further develop their artistic interests and talents. Provides degrees for both visual and performing arts. Offers a range of interdisciplinary programs incorporating music, art and design. Offers inter-faculty seminars and workshops to large-scale artistic and academic projects.


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